Did you know...
that the Anna Warner Bailey Chapter designed our State flag?

That's right!  On May 29, 1895, Governor Coffin introduced to the General Assembly the first proposal for the adoption of a State Flag.  The flag was designed by the Anna Warner Bailey Chapter.

In 1897, an official description of the flag sets the dimensions at five feet, six inches in length and four feet, four inches in width, of azure blue silk, with the armorial bearings in argent white silk with the design in natural colors and border of the shield embroidered in gold and silver. The state shield is white, bordered in gold and silver. 
The old Colonial Seal of three clinging grapevines also represents Strength and Beauty, wreathing themselves upward, brightened with fall fruitage, and said to be symbolic of Religion, Liberty, and Knowledge.

The three grapevines represent the three original colonies of Connecticut:

"Hartford"     "Windsor"     "Wethersfield"

Beneath the shield on the white streamer, bears the motto, "Qui Transtulit Sustinet."

Translated: He Who Hath Transplanted, Will Sustain.

Charter Members
of the Anna Warner Bailey Chapter

Organized December 1893, in
Groton and Stonington;
Chartered 26 April 1894

Members as they are written on the Charter:

Regent - Mrs. Abby D. Slocomb  (pictured here)
Secretary - Miss Julia Avery
Registrar - Mrs. Ida S. Baker
Treasurer - Miss Sarah Morgan

Miss Grace Denison Wheeler
Mrs. Deborah Avery Bouse
Mrs. Nancy Avery Spicer
Mrs. Marie Day Stoddard
Mrs. Adelia Esther Avery Thomas
Mrs. Lucy G. Denison Bill
Miss Mary Jane Avery
Mrs. Betsey Avery Copp
Mrs. Lydia E. Burrows Morgan
Miss Cora Vincent Avery
Miss Beluah Starkey
Mrs. Jennette E. Fish


Charter Members
of the Fanny Ledyard Chapter
(Merged with Anna Warner Bailey Chapter 
in the 1980s.)

Organized June 1893, in
Mystic and Noank;
Chartered 19 February 1894

     Members as they are written on the Charter:

Regent - Elizabeth Miner Denison
Recording Secretary - Hannah King Hall Bradford
Corresponding Secretary - Emma Avery Simmons
Registrar - Edith May Noyes Morgan
Treasurer - Ellen Holmes Noyes

Eliza A. Miner Denison
Ella E. Giddings Wheeler
H. King Hall Bradford
Emma Avery Simmons
Edith May Noyes Morgan
Ellen Holmes Noyes
Ann A. Murphy
Lizzie Denison Brown
Minnie E. Appelman Dewey
Lydia W. Barber
Emily F. Denison Noyes
Thankful A. Clift Holmes
Lydia Williams Noyes
Mary J. Burroughs Roach
Sarah J. Burrows Buckley
Elizabeth Horn Noyes


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